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Saturday, June 18, 2016

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Mobile Phone Chargers - Best Way of Using Them

With the mobile storm taking the entire market in its sway and relegating the once indispensable land phones to background, it has also become necessary for every mobile user to use mobile phone chargers. This is perhaps one such accessory without which it is not possible to run your mobile on day to day basis. True after charging your battery well in the morning you may not require charging all over again during the entire day, but you will have to charge the mobile after a specific time gap since the battery will start getting low and cannot work properly.

Each of the batteries has a specific life span and it can run for the scheduled time. You should take a few steps while using your mobile phone chargers ensuring that your battery does not get damaged in the process. One of the precautions is not to charge the battery before it is drained. Also make sure not to use the phone while charging. In addition you should also have a backup battery ready for the purpose. If the currently set up battery gets damaged, you can replace it using the replacement battery. This will help you use the replacement battery in times of emergencies.

You should also never forget that your mobile phone batteries are one of the most important parts of your mobile phone. If some irreversible damages occur to your cell battery it could render your phone into a redundant electronic device. Replacement batteries are the most economic method of making your cell phone work all over again with the same agility as it had before the battery died down. It spares you the expenses involved in buying a new phone as replacing the battery the phone starts working again. The only point of caution is to see that the batter is compatible and qualitative.

Do not undermine for a moment the use of your charger. If the battery is the prime accessory for your cell phone, the charger is a close runner up. That makes your charger one of the important mobile phone accessories. These days it has become a trend for the car owners having phone chargers in the car. Of course one good charger at home can cater to your requirements pretty well but when you are on long tours, the car charger will come up quite handy.

You will require charging your battery more frequently also when you use the Bluetooth devices with bluetooth headsets. The facilities of charging your phone at home and on transit will be an added advantage for you. However when you buy a charger take care to see that it matches the brand of your phone and the pins are perfect fit for your phone power socket. Wrong insertion could damage the phone and it could damage the battery and SIM as well.
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Solar Phone Charger - The Latest Rage!

What beats a cell phone charger that you don't have to plug into the wall? Practically nothing. A solar phone charger is the rage in a world where everyone is on the go. They are incredibly convenient if you are on the go, and can be used anywhere as long as there is sunlight. Unfortunately if you are out somewhere and there isn't direct sunlight, you may still need to use electricity. They are compatible with most kinds of cell phones and multi-task with other devices, but depending on what kind of solar phone charger you have it may be a waste of money because there are some devices that are not compatible with some cell phones. Most of the solar phone chargers are wonderful for charging cell phones, but may work better on other devices and may not work as well as a customer would like. In short, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to owning a solar phone charger.

The solar phone charger can be used just about anywhere if there is direct sunlight and in some cases, less. Slightly larger devices with larger panels are able to charge where there is low sunlight or perhaps rain or even at night. Some solar phone chargers come with batteries that charge along with whichever electronic device is plugged in at the time. You can then use these batteries with the solar phone charger to charge the phone on a rainy day or at night. The majority of solar phone chargers come with a wall unit or a USB cable hook up so that you can charge them literally anywhere.

In addition, the charge received may or may not be less than what you would get with a cell phone only device issued by your telephone manufacturer. A solar cell charger generally takes five, but as much time as nine hours to charge your cell phone to full capacity, even with the wall charging capabilities. It takes about an hour to charge them with the charger that comes with the phone. A solar phone charger also seems to not provide as much power as one attached to a wall charger. Most wall chargers provide an hour or so of talk time and as much as a week of stand alone power while a solar phone charger at best provide fifty minutes of phone call time with about four days of time where the phone isn't being used as much as it could be. Considering that most people talk and text from their phones every single day, it would be an advantage to use which ever solar cell charger gives you the most leeway to actually use the phone.

The solar phone charger multi-tasks with many devices. Many come with attachments for iPods, mp3 players, laptops and cell phones, obviously. This is wonderful, but the most moderately priced model does not support the most common phones that are emerging on the market. After looking through product reviews for solar cell chargers, you will find that the one with the most attachments are both cheaper and more expensive than the moderately priced charger. Also, charging time and power containment is different for each device. Considering that they all contain the same solar efficiency, this seems like an oxymoron. Go figure! The solar cell charger on today's market is a great device, but it is not without it problems. However, if you are a "greenie" this product is definitely for you!

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How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business

Social Networking Sites, right now, are some of the best places to build your Network Marketing business, if you know how. The advertising is completely free, and it is often many times more effective than some of the paid advertising methods. I've had between 5-10 people a day coming to my website, or contacting me about my business, from Facebook alone. How to use Facebook to Promote Your Business? Revealed for the first time, here is the list of my TOP TEN FACEBOOK STRATEGIES.

1)    GET A LIST: Get a list of 100 or more Network Marketing companies. Why? This tutorial on how to use Facebook to promote your MLM business is to short to cover the entire theory on this topic, but suffice it to say that current network marketers will be your absolute best target market. Yes, they already have a biz op. But if you can help other network marketers reach their goals, you will often be the only person in the industry who has, and, if you follow my guidelines, a percentage of them will come to you asking to join your business. That's right, no more chasing leads, they will ask to join you! Your next best target market will be people actively seeking business opportunities. You can find them in Facebook groups with more general topics like "entrepreneur," or "work from home," and big names in the industry like "Robert Kiyosaki," or "Donald Trump." If you don't know where to get a list, myself or my company and I'll send you one.

2)    JOIN GROUPS: Search for six Facebook groups a day related to each company, or name, on the list. Join them and check them off as you go. Don't join to many a day, or do to much of anything in the same day, on Facebook. That is important advice on how to use Facebook to promote your business. They have much stricter rules than sites like Myspace had.

3)    POST: Post a short advertisement on the Wall of each group you joined. You can be creative here, but follow these guidelines: a) don't market your business opportunity at first, b) provide useful information, c) don't be to salesy, and d) keep it short. You can market your biz op after you build a relationship with them. Trust me on this, if you want to learn how to use Facebook to promote your business, don't lead with your biz op, you will be completely wasting your time. I explain the reason for this in greater detail in some of my other trainings. Add a link at the end of the post that sends them to your website. Don't use your MLM company's website for this. You need a personal site, with a lead capture page to get their contact information, that promotes yourself as a leader. If you don't have a website to send them to, contact Kevin Thomas Marketing, about our totally customizable, self-branding website, complete with auto responders and pre-written follow up e-mails, that you can use to market your business on autopilot.

4)    ADD FRIENDS: Pick one of the groups each day and add between 10-30 new friends a day. Write out a short message ahead of time that says a) that you found them on that group, and b) that you are trying to connect with people in the industry. Notice I said "Industry" and not the name of the company. You are letting them know that you are a network marketer, not that you are in their company, although they will often assume that you are. Copy and past the message to your clip board and add it to each friend request. If you want to type in their name each time that is helpful, but takes a bit more time. Warning: don't go to fast, take short breaks, and never do more than 30 a day. If you get a warning from Facebook, quit for the day, and scale down your promotion the next time. A few too many warnings and Facebook will disable your account.

5)    START A GROUP: Create your own Facebook Group. This is the best way how to use Facebook to promote your business. The group should NOT be about your network marketing company. It should be about a useful marketing or networking strategy that can be of benefit to all network marketers. "Twitter users group," "How to get free leads for your MLM," "How to use Facebook to promote your MLM business," and "MLM networking group," are some good examples.

6)    INVITE: After you have 200+ friends who are all in the Network Marketing industry, send them all an invitation to join your group. Repeat this every 200 friends.

7)    NEWSLETER AND TIPS: Once or twice a week send the entire group an e-mail of some of your top strategies for marketing an MLM, and for how to use Facebook to promote your MLM business. If you don't know any advanced strategies yet, at Kevin Thomas Marketing we have the most current and in depth Internet Marketing training for Network Marketers on the planet.

8)     INTRODUCE: Go to the Friends tab, then to Recently Added, each day. Create a list with the date (left hand side). Select the new friends one-by-one (by clicking on the right) and add them to the day's list. Go to the Inbox tab, then to Compose. Use the list as the address; it will insert all the newly added friends. Send them a message introducing yourself as a mentor, MLM coach, entrepreneur, or any title you like that positions you as an expert in the industry. Don't worry, if you're not an expert yet, all you have to do is know one or two more things than they do about how to use Facebook to promote your business, and you are instantly an expert on that topic. And, of course, follow my training, and you will not only become an expert, but a top earner in the industry. And lastly, in your message to them, invite them to join your Facebook group.

 9)    ADVISE: You will soon start receiving e-mails from other Network Marketers asking for advice and help about how to use Facebook to promote your MLM business, and on various other topics. Continue to educate yourself as you go, and help everyone you can.

10)    PROSPECT: At this point you will have developed a whole new warm market of the best possible prospects you could ever have. Current Network. They don't need to be convinced that this is not a pyramid scheme or a scam, they already see the value in buying a biz op, and they have experience as home-based business owners. Just one of these prospects will be worth a hundred friends or family members who often quite a month after they join anyway. Now for the exciting part. Two things can happen at this point. One, many people will begin asking about your primary business. Some didn't know there was any other type of product available in network marketing than the one that their company sells. Some will like yours better. Also, many never had the guidance from their own company that you have recently provided for them on how to use Facebook to promote your business, and they would much rather work with someone like you. Or Two, you can introduce your business at this point. You are not a sleazy salesman now, you have become a trusted advisor. Let them know that you could spend more time training them directly if they were in your primary business.

Bonus Tip: Update your "What's on your mind" status frequently with MLM tips and links to your other sites to promote yourself as an expert and to draw traffic to your websites and other social media sites.

This is the exact method that I used to generate between 5-10 leads a day from Facebook alone, for free, and to get many sign ups into my primary MLM. This is how to use Facebook to promote your MLM business. Once you get used to the strategy it will take about 45 minute to an hour a day to conduct your Facebook marketing. Is this work? Yes, but it is a whole lot better than prospecting strangers at shopping malls, the reps you sign up will be high quality business builders, and on the Internet, you will never run out of leads.

Imagine implementing five or ten other Internet Marketing Strategies like this one. You will soon be getting 50-100 leads a day. And that is the substance of a multimillion-dollar business.
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How to Get Facebook Likes - 4 Proven Ways

If you've just set up a Facebook fan page, your next concern would most likely be how to get Facebook likes for it. Truth is, there are countless techniques out there that you may employ at some point with the time-honored trial and error approach. But if you want quick results, you should focus on these tested techniques for increasing Facebook likes.

Leverage Existing Networks

It makes more sense to devote your initial efforts to getting more Facebook likes to people you already interact with. Ask your relatives, friends, colleagues, employees, and online contacts on Facebook and other social networks to like your Facebook page. While it may be tempting, don't jump to Facebook's suggest feature for asking them to like your page. It's wiser to stagger your like campaign prioritizing the people closest to you or are already familiar with your Facebook fan page and the business, service, product or brand you're promoting. You can then proceed farther away from your social circle until you're satisfied with the likes you're getting.


· Include your Facebook page vanity URL in your email signature

· Chat with your online contacts about liking the page

· Post like buttons and a Facebook Like Box on your Website or blog

· Ask friends and relatives to promote your Facebook fan page if they can

Connect to Your Offline Activities

This is an often ignored method for getting Facebook likes, but connecting your offline activities and marketing efforts to your Facebook like campaign can be a very effective strategy. In fact, it's a lot better to ask this as a favor in person than say, sending a request or email. Discuss your Facebook fan page and its benefits to the people you meet whenever possible. Include your vanity URL on your marketing and promotional materials.


· Include your Facebook like page URL on your business cards, brochures and ads

· If you have a brick-and-mortar store, post notices about your page on prominent areas

· Discuss your Facebook fan page on networking events you attend

· Find other Facebook like page owners in related industries to exchange links with

Run a Facebook Ad

This one will cost you some money, but if you're serious about your Facebook like page campaign and you implement the ad wisely, you're sure to see handsome returns. The idea here is to use Facebook's in-house advertising platform to reach out to your target demographics and markets who might not find you otherwise. It's actually rather easy, because Facebook's ad wizard can help you whittle down your ad exposure to your desired demographic, i.e. people who have liked similar pages, live in the same locality, within your target age bracket, etc.


· Limited budget? Run ads only on select parts of the year when you need more exposure

· Align your Facebook ad with an existing promotion, limited offer or key development

· Run themed ads on special occasions and holidays

Post Exclusive Content and Special Offers

Ever heard of a reveal tab? It's a custom Facebook page tab that serves as a default landing or welcome page for non-fans. In it, you can welcome non-fans to your page with information and a call to action for them to click like. But it you'll definitely get more likes if you try to offer exclusive or premium content for liking your page, such as a discount, a free report, a great video or some other incentive. It's used in a lot of pages, and is one of the most powerful ways to get more likes.


· Decide on what exclusive offers you can provide your likers

· Hire a designer or better yet, get a software to help you customize your Facebook page

· Don't forget to monitor your success rates
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3 Secret Tricks to Make Money Online Most People Don't Know

What marketing strategies are you relying upon to build your online business? It ain't rocket science. But still, you're way too busy to let an ineffective marketing plan rob you of your precious time and hard-earned money. Let's face it, part of growing any business is proper planning in an attempt to drum up new sales.

Read on for some tips on how you can shoot your online income sky-high.

The best way to kick your online business into high gear is to offer free information and get paid by displaying ads.

Here are 3 easy ways to do this:

1. A blog with AdSense

Simply post your free information on a blog. Then, place Google AdSense ads on your blog to generate revenue. You can sign up to get AdSense ads completely free. Here's the URL:

2. List building and recycling

First, use a free offer to encourage your website visitors to joining your email list. Then, notify your subscribers when you make a blog post. When they visit your site to read the information they will also click on ads that interest them - generating more revenue for you!

3. A community website with ads

Create a free community website that offers tips, tools and resources for your market. Then, display ads in your community site. Here is a free resource to help you create your community website:

To find advertisers to buy your ad space visit:

Well, that's a wrap. Developing a strong Internet marketing system is vital to people who want to share in the abundance that is the World Wide Web. Make no bones about it, every good Internet advertising idea you act on can work towards producing the online income you desire.
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Tips and Tricks for Making Money Online

When it comes to earning money online, it is actually a very easy task and one can find the answers almost anywhere. Every nook and corner on the internet has the potential of offering easy cash provided you explore the opportunities carefully, thoroughly and judiciously.

Making money online is really easy and the internet can be considered as the oyster ground which is littered with plenty of oysters from which you can extract precious pearls. But it is a reality that all oysters have pearls in them and similarly, not all the opportunities offered on the internet are worthwhile. So if you are confused as to how you can go about earning money online the legitimate way, then you might benefit from a few tips and tricks.

Working as a freelancer is basically a work at home type of employment where you are your own boss and you have complete control over how much workload you want to handle. This is probably one of the best tips you will be offered if you are looking for ways to earn money online. As a freelancer, you can offer your services to the webmasters and get paid for it. If you are good at writing then you can become a freelancer writer and write articles. If you are good at graphic designing then you can choose to design for websites. You can become a freelancer by signing up at a freelancer's market and bid for jobs.

Another way to make money online is to offer flipping websites services to your customers. This basically implies that you would sell your low-cost website to people who would in turn sell them for a higher price! If you have a lot of time on your hands then you can turn around low-cost websites by making it attractive and then sell them to earn some easy cash.

You can also earn money online by completing surveys or answering e-mails that are sent by different companies which are willing to pay you for your feedback and opinion. There are some websites that offer such services, hence you can look them up and sign up for the services so that you can start earning money immediately. Just ensure that the website is legit though so that you are not tricked in the process. There might be some monthly fees or initial sign up fees required, but it will be worth it.

Selling advertising space is another popular method of earning money online. There are lots of people who sell advertising space online. Just make sure that your website is popular and it gets good amount of traffic otherwise no one would want to advertise with your website. You can offer different types of ads such as banners, full page advertisements, newsletter advertising, classified ads, etc.

These are some of the easy ways for earning money online if you are a beginner. You should select something that you enjoy doing so that your work won't seem like work but a hobby that pays.

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How to Start a Blog - Beginners


How to start a blog?

If you are looking for "how to start a blog?" then you are in the right place. In this post I go over the different considerations and decisions you have to make when you start a blog.

1. What are you reasons for blogging? You need to decide what you are blogging for. Is it for fun or profit? If you are chasing visitors to your blog, what do you want them to do when they arrive. Maybe you just like to write, that is fine, blogging can be absolutely therapeutic in some ways.

2. Decide what you are going to blog about? If you are very certain about the reason that you are blogging then that will help you understand and decide on what you are going to blog about. What you are going to blog about is also determined by the people that you are trying to talk to. You can blog about current news, viral videos or controversial topics. You can stick to a certain topic, eg car repairs, or how to get a six pack. By staying consistent on one topic you can gain credibility and be seen as an expert in your field. Product reviews are also a good thing to blog about.

3. Free blog or paid blog?

Free blogs are all over the web, simply do a web search and you can find some. Some examples are,, and Now with most things in life freedom isn't free. Your blog will not be your own, the domain will be something like so you will have the same domain name as many other people. If you are looking to make money most of the free services don't allow you to advertise on their sites. Free blogging services aren't the best option but are an easy free way to dip your feet in the water.

Paid blogs -

For a paid blog you have to pay for the domain and the hosting. You will then own the blog yourself and therefore have more control over the blog when you begin to try and make money. A lot of the free blogs don't allow you to advertise on it. You can use the free program program to put on your blog, which will give you themes and utilities to help make your blog.

Cheap options is,, all offer hosting solutions. For example hosting starts at $2.99/month. So you are looking at about $36 dollars a year for hosting. Take a look at all the options and see what special deals you can get. Most of these hosting provides will provide you with instructions on how to use their easy 1 click installation of WordPress on your new hosted domain.

4. Domain names
Now you will have to register a domain name (this is the actual name of your website/blog). Domains start at about $8 but can go up into the thousands. You can use a service at or to register you domain name.. The more popular domain names usually cost more. Eg obviously you would have no chance buying the domain but you could buy mynameisjohnsmithfromamerica would be pretty cheap, however weird. A nice simple option when starting is to go for names like etc something like that.

You can always change the domain name later or have more than one all linking to the same actual webpage. For example you might own 3 domain names but have it so if you type in any of them they all go to the same website. Once your website is up and running we have answered the question "how to start a blog?" However this is just the start of your journey into blogging! The next things you have to focus on are traffic and content.

5. Traffic

When you put something on your blog you want people to read it or watch it. This is where traffic comes in. If you want your blog to be successful you need to learn to get traffic to it. There are many different options here depending on your expertise and budget. Basically traffic can be broken down into free and paid traffic.

Free traffic includes

• Search engine traffic,

• Social media traffic (Facebook, twitter etc),

• Forum posts,

• Article marketing.

All of these topics by themselves could be the topics of pages and pages of how to articles.

Paid traffic includes

• PPC (paid per click) advertising, eg the little ads you see at the top of every Google search,

• Solo ads which is where you pay someone with a large list of email subscribers to email them and tell them about your blog,

• Banner advertising - you buy an advertisement space on a website for a set term eg 1 month 


Once you have your site up and running you need to start posting relevant content in the form of articles, pictures or videos. For ideas on what to write about check out current trending videos at, news provides like or simply Google search news.

So I hope this has given you a basic overview of the actions required to get started and answered the old question "how do I start a blog".

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